Crystal Mirror Faces

Hannes Nimpuno

Executive Producer
  • Founder & Executive Director of Shaksfin Asia, Shaksfin Productions and Shaksfin Entertainment
  • 20 years of experience in the music, art, film and live events industry
  • Produced, organized and marketed several hundred of shows & events all over the world including:
    - Robert Wilson's "Hot Water" (1999),
    - Mariah Carey (2000),
    - Finland Arts Festival in Singapore (2002),
    - Baroque Ensemble of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (various tours),
    - Contemporary Music Festival Taiwan (2003),
    - Eclectic Tales from Mongolia (2006)

Gerhard Lanyi

Executive Producer
  • Founder and Executive Director of Shaksfin Entertainment Pte Ltd.
  • Masters of Tourism Management & Leisure Economics
  • Significant Executive Management experience in the global Food & Beverage and Event Management industry; designing, implementing and managing large-scale F&B operations across Europe and Asia.
  • Formerly, General Manager of the Esmirada Group of Restaurants (Singapore).
  • Previous Experience as F&B Director at Palazzo in Europe, solely responsible for coordinating menu, service, procurement & logistics and HR.

Markus Pabst

Artistic Director
  • Considered the single most innovative director of live variety shows in Germany (the “Tarantino of Variety”)
  • 12 years of experience in traditional theatre, film, variety, dance & physical creations
  • Award winning shows include Carousel of the Body (Germany), Vivace (New York), Palazzo (Germany), La Clique (England), Flic Flac Circus (Germany), etc.
  • Previous experience with Palazzo in Europe

Reinhard Bichsel

Production Manager & Lighting Designer
  • Internationally acclaimed producer, director, and lighting expert
  • 20 years of experience with large pyrotechnical shows (e.g. Esplanade Singapore 2002, Eiffel Tower Paris 2005), music and variety shows (e.g. Tollwood Festival Munich 1994-2002), theatrical productions, and major art festivals across the globe.
  • Previous experience with Palazzo in Germany